We all have a junk drawer bursting with items we can’t bear to throw away. But with these simple hacks, you can turn household junk into fun and functional items for your home.

Low-key wall hooks

We gotta admit: There’s something charming about turning old keys into hooks for your current keys. But the real appeal? Never losing your keys again. (You’re welcome.)

“Put a cork in it” mini planters

Succulents can thrive almost anywhere, including on your fridge. Our recommendation: Make several for maximum visual impact.

Mint-condition earbud case

Some packaging is just too pretty to get rid of. Not only does this earbud case fit almost anywhere – including your purse, gym bag or nightstand drawer – it’s also super easy to make.

Game, set, match jar

Keep this match jar close to your favorite candle for some instant relaxation. Now that’s a perfect match.


Source: Zillow Feed

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