Elves: They’re just like us. Or is it the other way around? For instance, did you know that many of our trends originated from elf culture? It’s true. Perhaps the biggest (or maybe it’s the smallest) trend is the tiny home.

A short history of the tiny home

Elves didn’t just invent tiny homes, they perfected them. When elves first joined Santa in the North Pole, they decided to live on-site – the traffic jams caused by migrating polar bears made the commute intolerable. So they quickly got to work building their own community on Santa’s land.

Because the diminutive craftsmen didn’t need much space, they kept their homes small: 150 square feet. While each elf added their own flair, the layouts are similar with the living area and bathroom on the main level and the bedroom in the loft. Word of these mini dwellings spread south and so began the rise of tiny homes for larger humans.

The design hub of the north

The North Pole serves as the address for many elves. Nobody quite knows how many, but when Santa claimed his home on Zillow, we got a glimpse of one elf enclaves. Being the trendsetters they are, each elf had at least one statement-making feature created by their own ingenuity. These are our three favorites.

1. The serving cart

One look at those itty-bitty Moscow mule mugs on the stylish cart will make you crave a peppermint julep. Popularized by elves, bar carts like this one got their start by serving as an extension to the limited countertop space in tiny homes.

Bar cart

2. Wood panels and exposed beams

There’s something about wood paneling and exposed beams that make this home feel so inviting. Before it became a design choice, wood planks were the preferred siding for elf homes because of their ability to insulate from the cold, harsh climate.

Wood plank and exposed beams in the kitchen

3. Yoga zone

Having your own home gym is a luxury reserved for those with extra space, so it’s impressive this elf found room for a dedicated yoga area. While home gyms are a convenience for most, they were started by elves out of necessity due to regularly getting snowed in.

Yoga area



Source: Zillow Feed

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