What’s in a name? When it comes to home values: A lot.

A Zillow Research analysis of more than 70 million property records showed that homeowners named Alison and Stuart own the most valuable homes across the country.

Homeowners named Anne appear on the list the most, turning up tops in 10 of the 45 states analyzed, from Alabama to Wisconsin. In California, homeowners named Anne also had the most expensive homes, worth about 30 percent more than the median home value. Only 14 first names have median home values above $300,000, well above the national median Zestimate home value of $199,200.

Some homeowner names are also more common than others. To determine the most popular homeowner names by state, the Zillow Research team counted up how many homes are owned by each name nationally, then did the same for the number of homes owned by each name in every state – and then found which name is the most over-represented among homeowners in every state.

In Arizona, Guadalupe is a more popular homeowner name than it is nationally, while the Melvins are the reigning kings of Maryland. Fun fact: Of all the homes owned by Melvins nationwide, five percent are in Maryland.

Willie is more likely to be the name of a homeowner in the Southern states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia. The Pacific Northwest is dominated by Heidi homeowners, while K monikers rule the Midwest – from Kari in Wisconsin to Kristine in Michigan.

“This analysis reveals a lot of interesting – and fun – differences between homeowner names and the relative popularity of less common or non-traditional homeowner names from region to region,” said Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell. “U.S. homeowners are an incredibly diverse bunch, with a variety of names reflective of many cultural and familial backgrounds.” 

Roughly 64 percent of Americans own their home, with homeownership rates highest in the Midwest, according to the U.S. Census.

See a full breakdown of the data on Zillow Research.


Source: Zillow Feed