They’re 2018’s biggest home trends! We’ve seen everything from an architect’s out-of-this-world getaway to a shipping container home you’ll want to double down on.

So what happens when these homes go head-to-head? Pick your favorite and check out the results!

Which tiny home tickles your fancy?

Pizza oven tiny home

Tiny home with bouldering wall

Pizza oven tiny home photo by Jim Jernigan; tiny home with bouldering wall photo courtesy of Tiny Heirloom.

Which treehouse would you like to climb?

Tropical Hawaiian escape

Island treehouse tower

Tropical Hawaiian escape photo by Erik Hecht; island treehouse tower photo by Erik Hecht.

Which A-frame gets an A-plus?

Pennsylvania mountain house

Woodsy Washington cabin

Pennsylvania mountain house photo from Zillow listing; woodsy Washington cabin photo from Zillow listing.

Which cabin would you like to get cozy in?

200-year-old log house

Tiny boho retreat

Log house photo by Bernie Coulson; tiny boho retreat photo by Shidume Lozada.

Which fanciful home is most fabulous?

House inspired by Hobbits

Rustic Texas yurt

Hobbit house photo by Erik Hecht; rustic Texas yurt photo by Sean Mathis.

Which homestead feels like home?

Rustic desert cabin

Joshua Tree getaway

Rustic desert cabin photo from Zillow listing; Joshua Tree getaway photo by Aaron Lyles/PIXELLAB Photography & Design.

Which historic home do you prefer?

Virginia stunner

Vermont Victorian

Virginia stunner photo from Zillow listing; Vermont Victorian photo from Zillow listing.

Which future-focused home do you like more?

Lunar lander tiny home

Double shipping container

Lunar lander tiny home photo by Marcus Ricci; double shipping container photo by Jacqueline Marque.

Where would you rather sit surfside?

Outer Banks beach house

California castle

Source: Zillow Feed

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