There’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in the pool during the dog days of summer. Whether you’re a floater, a diver or more of a poolside lounger, a pool is the best summer gathering spot for all your friends and family.

So, grab your floaties, put on some sunscreen and get ready to take the plunge – it’s time to choose the pools where you’d most like to spend a scorching summer day!

Colonial retreat or posh garden pool?

Colonial retreat

Posh garden pool



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Hamptons hideaway or spacious sanctuary?

Hamptons hideaway

Spacious sanctuary



Photos from Zillow listings: Hamptons hideaway, spacious sanctuary. 

Coastal luxury or palatial paradise?

Coastal luxury

Palatial paradise



Photos from Zillow listings: coastal luxury, palatial paradise. 

Seaside stunner or lakefront lagoon?

Seaside stunner

Lakefront lagoon



Photos from Zillow listings: seaside stunner, lakefront lagoon. 

Mid-Century minimalist or historic harbor charmer?

Mid-Century minimalist

Historic harbor charmer



Photos from Zillow listings: Mid-Century minimalist, historic harbor charmer. 

Tropical waterfall resort or dreamy desert oasis?

Tropical waterfall resort

Dreamy desert oasis



Photos from Zillow listings: tropical waterfall resort, dreamy desert oasis.


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