Unless you’re a New England or Philadelphia fan, you likely don’t have much stake in the February 4 football game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt a team for a day and participate in the thrill of it all.

There’s just the little dilemma of how to choose which one to root for. Coin toss? Nope. Because we’ve got you covered like a shutdown corner … or a Bermuda shutter, if you prefer.

Take our quiz to help you decide which team best fits your personality based on your preferences for everything home.

Discover Your Football Team

New England

Your affection for the Beantown way of life gives you honorary fan status of a wicked good team. In addition to five championship rings, the city is also champions of higher education, historic homes and excellent cuisine (hello, Boston cream pie, Boston baked beans and New England clam “chowdah”).


You’re lovin’ the City of Brotherly Love’s way of life. And why wouldn’t you? The neighborhood has depth in history, culture and stunning homes. Plus, America and your new honorary team share a mascot. Sure, the team might be the underdog, but so was America in 1776.

Which home style do you prefer?

Which room do you like best?

Would you rather …

Which view would you want to wake up to?

Which specialty cookware is a must in your kitchen?

Which cultural amenity would you want the most access to in your neighborhood?

Which patriotic decoration would you display in your home?









Colonial revival home photo from Zillow listing; Federal home photo from Zillow listing; Rental photo from Zillow listing; Home for sale photo from Zillow listing


Source: Zillow Feed

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