What’s Your Cabin Style?

What’s the ideal cabin anyway? Take this short quiz to find your perfect space for sipping, snoozing and slipping on your comfiest slippers.

Hobbit house

You’re so down-to-earth that your ideal cabin is actually in the earth! Your whimsical, cozy taste is perfectly suited for creating a dreamy hillside hideaway. Others might call you a hermit, but you know that home is where the heart is, so why leave?


And hey, it’s not messy – it’s lived-in, and it’s charming.

A-frame cabin

You’re a true classic! The way you appreciate tradition infuses your life with a casual yet put-together sensibility. Comfort and function are equally important to you, which shows up in your home as much as it does your personal style. You’re the kind of person who can blend in if you want to, but you also know that timeless style endures with a boldness all its own.


Don’t be afraid to break the mold, but don’t feel bad for sticking to the tried-and-true. It works for a reason!

Tiny cabin

Less is more! You’re an analytical person who strives for order. After all, how can you enjoy peace of mind if you’re surrounded by chaos? You know how to clear out what’s no longer serving you and make way for what you truly need and desire. You’re decisive, you know what you like, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.


There’s nothing you can’t accomplish with a little elbow grease and careful planning.

Mod cabin

Well, aren’t you an interesting one. Where others paint white, you paint cyan, black and ecru. Understated? Maybe, but only in the boldest way. You’re a unique personality with a taste for the road less traveled – especially if you’re the one blazing the trail. It doesn’t have to be expensive (although it often is), it just has to be unusual. Trends? Never. Timeless? Perhaps.


Totally you? Always.

What’s your ideal sound system?

Pick your perfect garden.

What does your dream bed look like?

Choose a beverage to sip on Sunday morning.

What’s your go-to autumnal accessory?

Pick an accent wall.

Who do you invite to your cabin-warming party?

What kind of book do you curl up with on a chilly evening?

The one kitchen item no cabin is complete without?

Finally, choose your ultimate way to unwind.














Source: Zillow Feed

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